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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Eliana's First Poem

The other day I was holding Ellie in my arms while I was typing on the computer. She showed great interest in what I was doing and decided that she would like to give it a whirl. I decided that I would open up a word document and let her type her very first document. I then decided that it I would help her put her document in to a poem. Together we created an acrostic poem. Below you will find her original as well as the Daddy / Daughter Version. It is a poem that signifies the time that passes us all by so quickly and the bonds between a mother and daughter. Let us know what you think.


T U J J J J J J J M M N S M N M N J , K , 8 H N 7 H M M J M T R C Y Q 6
^ M 5 H [ } “ { [ [ [ , M , I / / G N A B B B B B B B B B V “
I I I I I I I I I I I I M (The “I”s were actually straight slashes… but Blogger could handle that.)

(Remember the "I"s at the beginnings are supposed to be straight lines)

To my mommy,
U are my special fwend
Just you
Just me
Just Daddy
Just us
Just loving each other
Just for a moment
Just forever
My family means the world to me

Hold to the wod wif one had and hold my hand wif the other

Show me how to do that mom

Make my peanut butter sandwich into a heart shape pwease
Nummy nummy for my tummy
Mommy, can I have a glass of milk?
Now sit and play wif me
, Wait just one more minute pwease
Key to Mommy’s hear is my bottom wip
, Wait for just one very lastest minute Mommy
8 all my vegables
Nub you too Mom
7 kisses just for you
Hold me close

My mom’s the bestest

Mom it’s okay. I’ll be home from kinder garden soon
Just relax
My teacher is really nice
Take me to the mall please mom
Can I get this dress mom? It’s Perfect!
Y are you crying mom?
Quit worrying so much
6 o’clock is when the dance starts

^ Why did you wait up? I told you I’d be fine

Married! We’re getting married!
5 more days until the big day
Happy as can be
Hold to the rod with one had and hold my had with the other
[ The bride’s family is on the left
} The groom’s family is on the right
“I do”
{The groom’s guests left
[ My guests left
[ Daddy left
[ Mommy left

,Take a deep breath
My family is still my family

, Take another deep breath

I Hold to the rod
/ Oops!

I Hold to the rod again

G, I didn’t know life could be this tough

No, I can’t come home for Christmas Mom.

Blue eyes
Brown Hair
Best thing I ever did
Benjamin Adam
Bawled like a baby
Very painful!
“I will”
I (1)
I (2)
I (3)
I (4)
I (5)
I (6)
I (7)
I (8)
I (9)
I (10)
I (11)
I (12)
I’ve heard that families can grow apart like the 12 tribes of Israel

My mom always told me that families can be together forever….and I’ve always believed her.

Written by Eliana Virginia West with the help of Adam West
Summer 2008

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