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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ellie's First Christmas

I am so excited about Ellie's first Christmas! I love Christmas so much, and I can't wait to share it with my sweet little daughter. She loves so much about the holidays already, and in this picture you see her holding a jingle bell, her new favorite toy :) She also loves torturing our tree and the train, but at least she's excited! One of her favorite things is decorations, especially window clings, so I got some for her room. Then one day we were letting her have some diaper free time, and well, here are the results...

Gotta love chubby legs! Now, although my little girl seems to love all things Christmas, Santa scares her to pieces! We tried three mall santas, and on the third attempt, after much coaxing and bribing with nilla wafers, we at least got her on the chair. She even offered to share her cookie with Santa! Even though it was half eaten and covered in slobber, I think the sentiment was definitely appreciated.

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Colleen, Mike and Abbie said...

Gotta love those bare bum shots! Too bad we don't look so cute...ha ha ha! When Abbie was Ellie's age, and took her to santa we totally tricked her. We kept her facing backward to Santa, sat her on his lap, made her smile, they took the picture...then the trama happened...she caught a glimps of him out of the corner of her eye and turned around...GAME OVER! She cried so hard!!! Luckily we got an adorable picture and she LOOKS like she likes him...That picture of Ellie is adorable with Santa! Good job! We have yet to see how this year will go!

The Calderwood Chronicle said...

I totally understand about the whole Christmas tree thing. My tree has never been so violated. Ella can't get enough of the branches and the ornaments and she keeps taking the lights off too. What a mess! But it is so wonderful to see her take in all the sights of Christmas.
Hope you all are well.

PS: Your elf video made me laugh, especially Adam for some reason.