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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Circus :)

Ellie and I went to the Circus! It was so much fun :) Although, I must say, the circus is not quite what I remember... It is a lot more like a show on the strip in Vegas than I thought it would be! With lights, a diva singer with a full back up, and a constant overwhelming assault on all of our senses, it was a lot for my little one year old! But all in a ll, she loved the animals and seeing all of her little friends, so it was great :)

We went with Stacy and Aiden, and Liz and the two kids she nannies for, Dane and Cali. All of the kids were really great, and the only really uh-oh moment was when Aiden dropped his sippy cup from the balcony onto the ground floor! Luckily it was intermission, or he may have taken out some poor little child...

And Ellie in the laundry... just thought I would throw this one in for kicks and giggles. Adam and Ellie are always getting into mischief and and then calling me in to see what they have come up with now! I know I am in trouble when I hear "Mommy, bring the camera!"

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