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Monday, March 9, 2009

I know I'm just a proud papa, but I have proof that my daughter is smarter than a captive adult gorilla. Check out the proof!

Every parent alive has gloated about their child's intelligence and I swore I would never be the one to blog about it, but here I am, doing exactly that.
Last night as I was giving Eliana a bath, I was reminded of a time I was at the Salt Lake City Zoo. While I was there I witnessed what I thought to be a remarkable display of animal intelligence. I looked on as a gorilla picked up a water bottle, carried it to a stream, filled it up, and drank from it.
I went home that day thinking that I had witnessed an evolutionary miracle.
I have since learned that the real miracles are part of every day as a parent. Thankfully Ellie is always into some kind of miraculous monkey business that keeps me laughing in amazement. I enjoy every second of my life with her.

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