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Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello Fall!

Hello friends! It has been a really long time! So, I finally have uploaded pictures on my picasa, and I thought it was time to update my blog :) Life has been busy, as always! I have taken on a part time temporary nanny position with a family who's nanny is on maternity leave. These are the twin 2 year old boys and 4 year old girl I watch during the week. Ellie loves having friends to play with! They have one more son, but he is older and I only watch him for an hour or so 3 times a week. I am so grateful for the work, and even though I am 6 months pregnant, I am enjoying keeping up with all of these super cute kids!
Work is going great for Adam, he started a creative writing class a few times a week after school that the kids just love! He has a great class this year, and some really sweet and bright kids.
We have finally finished Ellie's new room and setting up Lily's nursery. Yay! I was so proud of Adam. He painted Ellie's new room all by himself, and it took days! We did flat on gloss stripes of a light purple- it is beautiful! Adam did an amazing job :) And, Ellie has been sleeping in a big girl bed for a whole week now without any problems! I am so so so happy!
We are so excited to have our friends the Calderwoods come for Thanksgiving and my family at Christmas. I can't believe that Christmas, our baby being born, and Ellie's birthday all will happen within weeks of eachother! Aaah! I'm trying not to panic :) Here are a few more pics of our going-ons, but for more you can visit my picasa at

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Becca said...

We are excited about Thanksgiving too. You'll have to let me know what you want us to help out with. I have a really yummy corn casserole... mmmm... I'm hungry just thinking about it!

Also, I LOVE Ellie's new room. I love the subtle stripes and the chandelier. Your so on the ball... already ready for this lucky little girl on her way.