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Monday, October 5, 2009

My Big Girl!

I love fall! We have been having so much fun enjoying this North Carolina fall with the cooler weather, pumpkins and getting ready for Halloween! I have just been realizing how fast time is passing- Ellie is growing up so much! I can hardly believe it! Her memory is amazing, and after we took her to Pullen Park (in pic above) she is still asking for trains and ducks weeks later. She is talking so well now and knows all of her colors and is learning her letters and can count to two! She is such a friendly little girl and loves to talk to everyone wherever we go. She is so fun! We took her to the pumpkin patch, corn maze and hay ride last Saturday and she had a blast! She loved seeing the "mean mean monsters" and riding on the "truck" (tractor) and she LOVED getting "punkins'" from the "punkin' patch"!
But time seems to pass too quickly. She is sleeping on a big girl bed now, and is starting to use the potty, and now the pacifier is gone forever. We have been letting her use it only when it is time to go to sleep since her first birthday, and now we have said bye-bye for good. Ellie threw it in the garbage so she could be a big girl. Daddy rewarded her with a big girl bike! When she is really sad and misses it, she tells me "wassy (pacifier) bye bye, threw away, bike!" and calms herself down to go to sleep. I love her so much! It is so fun to see her grow up, but it happens too fast!


Becca said...

I completely know what you mean. I cannot believe my little baby is actually more of a little girl now. It's fun to hear them talking so much but it's also a little sad that you know that stage is over. It wont be long though before you go through it all over again with baby number 2:) Ellie will make a wonderful big sister.

vegas mom said...

awww, i love all the milestones in life! I do get a little sad that my kids are growing up so big too. Your going to love having ellie around to help you with the baby! just to warn you, she'll be excited for about two weeks, then she may ask to take him back to the's normal don't worry! lmao hazel's just fine now!!!