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Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well, October has been a fun month of craziness! We had so much fun at the County Fair, the Renaissance Fair, the pumpkin patch, the ward party, Holly Springs Festival, Adam's Fall Festival at school, and trick-or-treating! It has been so much fun, especially watching Ellie enjoy it all so much! She is having trouble moving on from Halloween, and still wants to watch pumpkin movies and draw ghosts and monsters- lol. She was a darling cupcake though, and we had fun dressing up for music makers! Here is Ellie, Quinn and Kai (the twin boys I watch), Aiden, and Cali all dressed up. They are so cute together!

Ellie won 3rd place in the town Halloween contest! There were around 100 kids competing, so it was pretty cool! She had a blast, and is still enjoying the little toys they gave her :)

This is a pic with some glasses she won- she loved wearing them and didn't take them off! Such a cutie pie.

Ellie the cupcake with Daddy the chef- I think it is so cool that Adam made his own hat!

There were so many fun things to do at the festival, and Ellie enjoyed the puppet show, painting pumpkins, the bouncy houses, and the petting zoo. Here is a great shot Adam got of her in the park painting her "baby punkin"

She had a lot of fun trick or treating, and thanked everyone repeatedly for the candy :) She kept saying more houses, but when her bag was full we called it a night! She has loved all the fall festivities, and I am really looking forward to celebrating Christmas with her :) With her talking so much and understanding so much more this year, I think it will be so much more fun! I just hope I am not in the hospital delivering this baby! I am 31 weeks today!! So exciting! There is still so much to do before this little girl gets here, but I am so excited to see her, and pretty excited to not be pregnant anymore :) Well, happy holiday season to everyone!


Becca said...

Congrats on winning third place in the town costume contest. Of course I'm not surprised with how creative you are and your sewing capabilities. Sounds like it's been a fun and busy fall for you all.

Good luck with the pregnancy. Just a couple more months and Lily will be here!

vegas mom said...

such cute pics!! I love you guys!! I can't wait to see your new little girl!! just keep being the coolest prego i know! ;)