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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hello 2010!

Hello friends and family! My update is long overdue as we have been super busy here at the West household! In the past few months we have celebrated Christmas, enjoyed a visit with my Mom, John, Johnathan, and Grandma Kay, welcomed Lily Addison West into the world, celebrated Eliana's 2nd birthday, had a wonderful visit with my Dad and Jenny, blessed Lily, and potty trained Ellie! Whew! I'm still exhausted just thinking about all of it :)
I have been keeping up with my online photo albums, so you can go there and see what we have been up to! Here are a few pics from the blessing and our first snow of the year. For the rest visit:

It was so much fun having Dad and Jenny come visit. We love and miss them so much.

Eliana just loved the snow! We had to make her come inside, and even though she was soaked and shivering she cried to go back out!

Eliana is a wonderful big sister! She loves Lily so much, and she is so sweet with her. It's been two months now, and she hasn't asked to take her back to the store ;) In fact, she cries for Lily whenever they are apart! I just love my little sweethearts!

A little about Lily- She is such a chunk! She was 9 lbs 3 oz, and has stayed in the 90 percentile for height, weight, and head size. She is a beautiful, healthy little girl with the lungs to match! She came out screaming like a full grown child- even the doctors comment on it every time we see one! We are seeing opera singer in her future- lol. She is already smiling, cooing, and I think I heard a laugh tonight! She has the chunkiest little arms and cheeks, and can hold her head up really well.
So, adjusting to two kids has been a little more difficult than I expected, but we are surviving! They are both so sweet, and I know I am really blessesd to have two such beautiful, healthy, loving little ladies in my life. And when I have had some sleep, I'm sure my perspective will be even better! Ha ha :)

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Becca said...

I'm so glad you did a new post. I know you all have been more than busy. I enjoyed looking at all of your photos. We're excited to add to those photos when you come visit for Easter:)