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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Best of Friends

My kids have the greatest Dad ever! Adam spent today playing with Eliana. She has missed him so much lately with work and scouts keeping him so busy. So today was for Ellie. First, yard saling (she loved it!) then over to the library for Beauty and the Beast in the theater. Then home for a break, then on to a boat ride at the lake followed with a campout in the backyard. What a lucky lucky little girl! She is having the best day. I am so blessed to be married to a man who strives every day to be the best possible dad he can imagine, and succeeds. Here are a few highlight pictures of their day- Lily and I joined them for the first half of the day, but declined the boat ride and camping experience :) Maybe next year!

She fell down in the boat at the very end... so of course Adam gets his camera first! Ha ha, poor Ellie :)

What a big girl rowing the boat!

And one picture of our Lily when Adam was playing with her. Love my girls!

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Becca said...

I want Adam to adopt me too. Is that allowed even though I think I'm technically older than him? I want to have a day like that. Ellie sure is lucky.